Inspiring Citizens

To Become Independent Thinkers

And to always say: NOT SO FAST when consuming & creating media

The Problem

We live in a time where we have unprecedented access to a wealth of information.

Information is rapid and abundant on the internet, which allows us to personalize our realities. The loudest and most extreme voices dictate discussion, overshadowing the experts whose job it is to present factual information. It is easier than ever to appear as a credible voice, regardless of credentials, intentions, and motives. What’s more, “truth” and “fact,” things that should be objective, are now questioned. 

When we are overwhelmed with information, our emotions take over, and we become more reactive, leading to tribalism and an inability to decipher between fact and opinions. 

With all this information, we crave being “in the know,” but instead of taking the time to seek out an objective reality, we search for information that confirms our beliefs and expectations. With this surplus of information comes a false sense of knowledge.

Our Mission

Empower Educate Inspire

We aim to empower, educate and inspire everyone to slow down and take the time to question, analyze, and verify the news and social media they encounter.

Our campaign aims to instill confidence in fact-based inquiry, civil discussion, and curiosity to become responsible digital citizens.

We hope to inspire people to become independent thinkers and to always say, “Not So Fast” when consuming and creating media.

Our Plan

Provide Helpful Resources

Our goal is to provide an easy introduction to the world of media literacy as it relates to news, social media, and the internet as a whole. The content we’ve created is a starting point for further exploration. Think of it as a way to get familiar with concepts that will aid in becoming a more aware citizen who employs critical thinking skills to navigate the news and media landscape. 

For more in-depth information on our plan, future events, how you can get involved, and disclaimers, see our Welcome Letter.