Wow, we are blown away by the reaction to our launch! From teachers who plan to use their materials in classes to people who are independently enthusiastic about the content, we couldn’t be happier!  

Thank you so much to everyone who has viewed the site, spread the word on socials, interacted with our posts, provided feedback, and sent messages. 

This is just the beginning:

As we mentioned in our previous post, this is just Phase One. It was vital for us to get the information out there so that we have something to showcase moving forward. We feel so lucky to be in a position where we can launch a website to an already established audience. This way, we can gauge interest, get feedback, and adjust our plans accordingly. In a way, this is one big collaboration. 

Big Plans

Previously we listed a few ways you will see our campaign expand in the future. One thing we didn’t mention is a project that is still in the beginning stages of development. It is a pretty big deal, and I don’t want to jinx it, but I’ll give you a few (blurry) clues.


We brought the “Make America Think Again” shirts back! We realize some people are hesitant to wear those, so we decided to make another design that says “Facts Matter” and has our logo on the back. These shirts will only be available for a short time.

PS-All of the profits from these shirts goes directly back into the company.

Your Stories:

Next Wednesday, we will start highlighting some of the stories you submit from each explore page. We will always ask for your permission before sharing, so check your email if you send one in.

Content Requests:

If there is a topic (whether it be current events, social media posts, or anything else) you want us to talk about in the blog/newsletter, please let us know.


Multiple people have asked for us to start posting our content on Facebook. We were hesitant at first, but you guys are right. We definitely need to have a presence on that platform. Our page has been disabled for some reason, but we are working on getting it back up and running. Hopefully by next week. The link will be shared as soon as it is live.

Thank you again

This post was written by Lindsay DeFranco. Lindsay is a former Youtuber/Influencer and mom of two. She loves Billy Joel and hates olives.